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Where do cruise ships dock in Mykonos?

Where do cruise ships dock in Mykonos?

Exploring the Cruise Ports of Mykonos

When visiting the beautiful island of Mykonos, many travelers wonder where cruise ships dock, as it is an important aspect of planning their itinerary. The cruise ports of Mykonos are strategically located to ensure easy access to the island's stunning attractions and charming towns.

The main cruise port in Mykonos is the New Port, also known as Tourlos, which is situated about 2.5 kilometers from the town center. This modern port can accommodate large cruise ships and offers excellent facilities for disembarkation and embarkation.

1. Exploring Tourlos, the New Port of Mykonos

The New Port of Mykonos offers a seamless experience for cruise ship passengers. Upon arrival, travelers can easily find transport options such as taxis, buses, or car rentals to reach the town center or other parts of the island. The port area itself has various amenities, including shops, cafes, and even car rental services.

From the New Port, visitors can explore the vibrant town of Mykonos with its iconic windmills, narrow streets, and beautiful beaches. The town offers an array of shops, restaurants, and bars, perfect for indulging in the local cuisine and enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Additionally, the New Port serves as a gateway to other popular destinations in Mykonos, such as the world-famous Paradise Beach and the historic island of Delos. Excursions and tours can be easily arranged from the port to ensure a memorable and enriching experience.

2. Discovering the Old Port of Mykonos

The Old Port, also known as Mykonos Town or Chora, is another docking option for smaller cruise ships and ferries. Located just a few steps away from the heart of Mykonos Town, this port offers a more traditional and picturesque ambiance.

From the Old Port, visitors can explore the charming streets of Mykonos Town and immerse themselves in the island's rich history and culture. The area is lined with traditional white-washed houses, boutique shops, art galleries, and cozy restaurants serving delicious seafood.

One of the highlights of the Old Port is the iconic Little Venice, where colorful houses stand right next to the sea, creating a truly unique and romantic atmosphere. This area is perfect for enjoying a drink, watching the sunset, and capturing stunning photos.

Other Cruise Ship Docking Options in Mykonos

In addition to the main ports of Tourlos and the Old Port, there are a few other docking options for cruise ships visiting Mykonos.

Agios Ioannis Bay is a popular anchorage spot for smaller cruise ships and luxury yachts. This secluded bay is located on the southwest coast of Mykonos and offers a tranquil setting with crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views.

1. Anchorages and Tendering in Mykonos

When the main ports are already occupied or if the cruise ship is too large to dock, anchorages and tendering are used in Mykonos. Several spots around the island can accommodate cruise ship tenders, allowing passengers to reach the shore safely and efficiently.

For example, Agios Stefanos Bay, located just a short distance from the New Port, can be used for tendering. This bay offers a picturesque setting and serves as a great starting point for exploring the northern part of Mykonos.

Tendering in Mykonos provides an opportunity for passengers to witness the island's beauty from the sea and enjoy a smooth transition from the ship to the shore.

2. Marina Docking for Private Yachts

Mykonos is also a popular destination for private yacht owners, and there are several marinas available for docking. The most prominent marinas in Mykonos are the Mykonos Marina and the Ornos Marina.

The Mykonos Marina is conveniently located near the town center and offers top-notch facilities and services for yacht owners. The marina provides a luxury experience with its waterfront restaurants, trendy bars, and boutique shops.

The Ornos Marina, situated in the picturesque bay of Ornos, is another excellent choice for yacht owners. This marina offers a more relaxed atmosphere and easy access to the nearby beaches and beach clubs.

Conclusion: Exploring Mykonos from Various Cruise Ship Docking Points

Whether your cruise ship docks at the New Port, the Old Port, an anchorage spot, or a marina, Mykonos offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. From the vibrant town center to the stunning beaches and historic sites, this beautiful Greek island has something to offer every passionate sea lover.

Immerse yourself in the nautical wonders of Mykonos, indulge in the local culture, and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting destination.

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