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    Anchor Rings for Men's and Women's

    The anchor rings is a popular symbol which is closely associated with sailors and it's often worn as Anchor jewelry or, tattooed on the body, by many people across the world, especially those who love sailing. 

    However, besides its obvious connection to the sea, the anchor has a much more deeper meaning and history which many people may not be aware of. So is the anchor just a piece of jewelry, or does it symbolize something more?    

    This article takes a look at the hidden history and meaning of anchor: whether they're modern or ancient, such tales always make for interesting read. 

    Discussing more about this symbol could also help us select a great gift for our loved ones, since a lot of women love Nautical jewelry with anchor symbols. And we're not talking about women alone: the anchor is also a perfect fit for men's jewelry that's contemporary and classy.

    A Brief History of Anchors

    To understand what the anchor symbolizes and why so many people love it in compass jewelry, it's important for us to first take a quick look into the history of the device.   

    To start with, the first anchors were likely sacks of rocks used by ancient mariners to boats in place on the sea. Anchors similar in design to modern types were already in use by the Romans, and by 700 CE, similar anchor designs were adopted by the Scandinavians. From there, its usage spread all over Medieval Europe and elsewhere.

    In shape, an anchor resembles a metal cross. Actually, it was once used by Christians to identify other Christians in the early days of Christianity when the Romans were persecuting the adherents and the people were afraid to openly identify themselves. They would place "cross - like" anchors outside their homes or even wear them as jewelry. This would enable fellow Christians to identity that those places were safe and they could hide there. 

    Anchor as Symbol: What does it mean?

    Using anchors to hold ships in place or keep them steady during stormy weather is the main reason why they've become symbolic objects. Having such a device while sailing means you won't be afraid of drift off course against will. 

    Apart from stability, what else does the anchor represent? 

    • Hope and confidence
    • Safety
    • Determination
    • Eternal love
    • The sea and adventures
    • Stability

    Hope and confidence: An anchor is one of the oldest symbols of hope. Hope is simply an optimistic mood which gives a person confidence that something will happen. Thus, it people's morale to face uncertain situations without fear. For instance, shipwrecks were major concerns for sailors in ancient times. However, the anchor offered seafarers hope and confidence against adverse weather conditions.

    During storms, sailors would cling to their anchors for support to safeguard themselves from falling into the deep sea. Due to this reason, the device gradually became the symbol of hope for the hopeless. It offers a positive outlook about situations. It tells us to hold on, wait and hope for the best, no matter what the current weather may be.  

    Safety: An anchor would hold on strongly to keep the craft from drifting away. It symbolizes the ability to hold onto your beliefs, goals and values, regardless of challenges around you. It also represents protection from the vicissitudes of life. This ensures your safety in difficult times and help you forge ahead when the coast is clear.

    Determination: The anchor symbolizes determination for people going through difficult times. An anchor tells us that we can survive difficult situations without giving up, if we're determined enough to surmount the challenges.

    The sea: Without any doubt, the anchor represents the sea and anything connected with sailing. For sailors and others who love the sea, the anchor is a nice symbol to wear. It showcases their connection to sailing. It must be noted that almost all explorers, pioneers, early missionaries, and geographers had one thing or the other to do with sea travel. Thus, sailing is closely connected with our ability to explore and excel. This highlights the importance of the anchor as a symbol of exploration in human history.

    Eternal Love: The anchor is steadfast in the way it holds strongly to a place. It doesn’t falter even when the weather is rough. This symbolizes a loyal, steady and strong love where a person is deeply connected to the other, and they're ready to stay together no matter what happens. This makes an anchor a good symbol for lovers, family, and close friends. 

    The anchor represents a steadfast and strong bond. Examined closely, this is possibly the most significant meaning  of anchor. An anchor provides a ship with the necessary stability to withstand storms.  Drawing from this function, the anchor is normally associated with secure, robust and vital links.

    Over the years, it's natural that anchors would become symbols of love. They're often depicted as symbols of fidelity, since anchors, when planted into the ocean floor, provide vessels with the firm stability they needed. This is similar to the stability which two people in love would need to keep their relationship steady.

    When it's used as a symbol of deep love, the anchor would become a highly coveted gift from one lover to the other.

    As a result, buying a jewelry with the anchor design could be a good gesture towards someone important in your life.  

    Stability: The anchor attaches itself to the sea floor to secure the vessel and make it stable. Similarly, the anchor jewelry symbolizes the stability which a secure relationship represents.   It`s one of the oldest symbols of hope. Hope is simply an optimistic mood which gives a person confidence  that something will happen. Thus, it encourages people to face unpleasant situations without faltering.

    Anchor Ring: Fashion meets commitment

    Apart from its use as a sort of fashion statement, it's not unusual to see men and women wearing anchor jewelry on their fingers to symbolize one thing or the other. Anchor necklace is commonly used among sailors, while its bracelets and rings are common among lovers and couples.

    Anchor rings, in particular, are used to symbolize hope, love, confidence and loyalty among lovers and friends. In fact, the popularity of anchor rings has continued to increase over the years. 

    If you love the sea, there is no better way to show this love than by wearing a piece of ring adorned with the ultimate symbol of sea adventures: the anchor. And if you're deeply in love with someone, the best way to symbolize this is to bless that person with the anchor. Feel free to browse through our vast collections of anchor rings of the highest quality here.

    Anchors for men and women 

    Your anchor ring tells stories about you; your connections, your emotions and your values. Some stories your ring share are enduring and unforgettable like the occasion when you were given the engagement ring.  

    There are some of us whose anchors are part of our fashion styles. We often change our rings to fit our styles and moods. Sometimes, the bands are even stamped with dates, names and inscriptions that carry special meanings to us. 

    Actually, there are 2 main types of anchor rings and each is unique in its own way. For example, the stainless steel anchor ring is made of steel and is very durable. In contrast, the silver anchor ring is made of silver and is resistant to corrosion. 

    Continue reading below to learn more about the two special anchor ring types. 

    Stainless Steel Anchor Rings  Stainless steel anchor rings are genuine masterpieces designed for both men and women. The come in a variety of colors and it won't be hard for you to find one that fits your style.    

    In terms of construction, the anchor ring is composed of a stainless steel material bent into a band that exudes excellent craftsmanship and brilliance. This ring is made to high standards and it leaves a lasting impression at first sight.   

    Key Features:

    • Lustrous
    • comfortable to wear
    • Skin-friendly
    • Hard and durable steel material
    • Corrosion-free
    • Eco-friendly
    • Scratch-free. 


    • Daily wear
    • Anniversary
    • Engagement
    • Marriage


    • Gift

    Silver Anchor Ring

    Some people prefer silver anchor rings because of their luster, malleability, and reflectivity, which make them a nice choice. Silver anchor rings are also less expensive than the stainless steel counterparts because silver is generally cheaper than stainless steel. 

    One other good thing about this ring is its lightweight design which makes it easy to be carried on your fingers.

    Key Features & Pros

    • Lustrous
    • Malleable
    • Corrosion Resistance'
    • Lightweight design
    • Skin-friendly 
    • Comfortable to wear

    Don't forget to buy your anchor rings from reputable online stores to avoid buying rings of inferior quality.


    An anchor is an important navigation device used by sailors to keep their boats from drifting away into the sea. For this reason, it symbolizes hope, confidence, steadfast love, stability, among lovers. You can as well choose between the two types: Stainless Steel anchor rings and Silver anchor rings. The two are made of metals and are equally made to high quality. Feel free to check our catalogue of anchor rings below.