Nautical Rings


      Large Selection of Nautical Rings | Anchor | Compass | for Sailors and SEA Lovers

      Couples who love the sea usually enjoy the feeling, uniqueness, and beauty of nautical rings. From simple to complex designs suitable for different categories of people, these amazing bands are ideal for a sea-inspired union.

      Why Go Nautical?

      Nautical ring is considered the mother name for all ring types that have connection with the sea, sailing, navigation, or maritime life.

      Nautical rings feature any object associated with coastal living and they include both aquatic plant and animals, or any representation of these things. They symbolize your true self, your life ambitions, your aspirations, your ambitions, your strengths and weaknesses.

      Anchor rings are often the best choice for couples with connections to the ocean, whether they want to enjoy an intimate time together on the beach, plan a beach wedding, or indulge their passion for sailing, scuba diving, or oceanography. They may even be biologists or environmentalists who care so much for marine life such as fish, dolphins, turtles, starfish, manatees, shells, ,sailfish, tarpon, propellers and whales.

      For those who don't share passion for the sea, the unique symbolism of a nautical ring is still appealing. For instance, the wide expanse of the oceans is symbolic of the endearing bonds of courtship. 

      Besides, many water creatures have single partners for life: an ideal attribute for lovers to embrace after exchanging marriage vows.

      Nautical Rings Design

      Nautical rings come in different designs and themes, including:

      • Marine Life: It's common to find different varieties of marine creatures such as fish, starfish, sea horses, sea birds, sea horses, sea turtles, and even dolphins on nautical ring types. The whale-inspired engagement bands are particularly popular for their majestic beauty.
      • Water Sports: Fishing gear, sail boats, scuba gear, canoes, kayaks, boats, paddleboards, diving goggles, propellers, snorkel gear, and other water sports equipment are often designed on intricate nautical rings.
      • Marine Equipment: Nautical ring designers have the penchant for engraving marine equipment (such as ships' wheels, sailing knots and lighthouses) on their ring models.
      • Shells: Some of the most unique designs of nautical rings we've seen involved varieties of coral shells engraved on thick rings to give a nautical theme. In certain cases, a single coral shell is used as the focal point for more intricate design.
      • Waves: We all know that marine life is synonymous with water waves. Simple and elegant, nautical wave rings can be bold or subtle in design depending on whether the waves are etched permanently into the design or merely textured into it. They signify the drifting of the ocean currents, which in turn impact navigation.
      • Fantasy: For those who love sci-fi, myths, and other themes of adventure on the seas, it's usual to see them purchase uncommon nautical rings that feature pirates, Vikings, Norsemen, mermaids, or other exotic sea symbolism.

      Some nautical rings have more subtle marine themes. For instance, an anchor ring may resemble water waves, and a compass wedding band can be designed in the form of a turbulent sort. 

      In the same vein, gemstones such as aquamarine, pearls, mother of pearl, amethyst, amber, emerald, opal, sapphire, and turquoise, could also be featured in the design to add a special nautical touch.

      To depict the details of a delicate nautical design, some marine-themed rings feature precious metals for luster and contrast. Diamond-encrusted nautical rings are also trendy, with the metal bringing more luster to the already glittering design.

      When to give nautical ring

      Compass ring is a gift suitable for different kinds of situations. Of all the ring categories, it has the highest number of themes and design features. So you will surely find a theme or design that suits your style. 

      Here are a few memorable occasions deserving of such a precious gift.

      • Wedding gift: A nautical ring is a good wedding gift from one half to the other. It symbolizes the start of a new adventure and new chapter in the couple's lives.
      • Graduation gift: Graduation means promotion from one level to an higher level. It means the celebrant is embarking on a new journey of exploration and possibly conquests (life achievements). In this sense, you may buy a nautical ring for your loved one to give them hope and confidence to face any situation.
      • Anniversary gift: A nautical ring can also serve as an anniversary gift for a couple whose love is still waxing stronger. Any of the numerous items associated with marine life could be used here to convey special meanings of undying love, loyalty or prosperity. For instance, Cowrie shells depict prosperity, while turtles may be used to symbolize longevity or durability.
      • Valentine's Day Gift: You can also buy a nautical ring for your lover to mark the next Valentine's Day anniversary as a symbol of your undying love for the person. It also means you see the person as a kind of instrument or object that could help guide your through life.
      • Retirement Gift: You can also use a nautical ring as a kind of retirement gift for loved ones. We know that many marine organisms take deserved rest after long exertions. Therefore, it’s not out of place to use the images of some of these creatures to convey special messages of affection to your loved one on retirement from active service.

      Where to buy Nautical Rings

      Nautical ring types are difficult to purchase through the major jewelry retailers. Your best bet is to consult specialty artisans who work with marine and nautical themes: they offer special designs of high quality.

      Otherwise, you can browse through reputable online stores with their great collections of different brands of nautical rings.

      While many online stores offer nautical rings for sale, we recommend searching on reputable marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy.

      The prices are much more competitive and the options are seemingly endless for different price ranges. You'll be able to browse different brands so as to select the best.

      In addition, you'll find modern and vintage nautical rings there. Apart from this, the fact is that many top retailers prefer to sell through those major platforms. Again, it's much more easier to compare brands and prices on these platforms.


      The price of a quality nautical ring ranges from less than $25 to a few hundred dollars or higher, depending on the uniqueness of its design and quality of craftsmanship involved. 

      In most cases, customized nautical rings are much more harder and expensive to purchase for jewelry lovers. But they often boast of more detailed designs and top quality materials. Less expensive nautical rings could as well be lovely and people interested in those types can go through the catalogues on this site.

      Maintenance Tips for Nautical Rings

      Taking good care of your Nautical ring will help preserve its beauty and elongate its lifespan. As professionals, we suggest having your precious gems cleaned once every 3 months. Also, when storing the ring during long trips overseas, make sure they're kept in a cool, dry, and secure place.

      Again, we suggest insuring your nautical ring for its replacement value. 

      Follow our tips below for maintaining your nautical ring in optimal condition and protecting it from loss.

      A person with a nautical ring may love marine life, but their ring will not. This is because seawater is highly corrosive to gemstones and precious metals, and the additional chemicals and minerals found in seawater can easily disfigure your ring. 

      Hence, it's advisable for you to remove your nautical ring before swimming, diving, scuba diving, rafting, snorkeling, or doing any other activity during which it could be damaged or lost.

      It's also important for you to remember that dipping your fingers into cold water may cause them to contract contrary to the finger creating an uneven expansion. 

      This may cause the finger to contract relative to the ring, which often makes the ring less-fitted and possibly lost. Here, we should know that the lost metallic rings are highly hazardous to marine life as they affect the ecosystem.

      So you need to ensure that your nautical ring doesn't become bait for marine life, the next time you visit the shore.

      Moreover, some nautical rings are intricately designed and they need diligent cleaning for them to be kept shinning all the time. 

      A small, soft toothbrush can be used to remove any dust, dirt, or sticky oils from etchings. If necessary, the ring can be soaked in water for a couple of hours to help remove stubborn dirt’s.

      Above all, always consult with your jeweler to learn the recommended cleaning procedures for their ring types based on the metals and other gemstones used.


      Nautical rings are mother rings containing different features generally associated with marine life and navigation. They connote a number of things for jewelry lovers including the unending bonds of marriage and determination to weather life storms.

      They are also unique and highly symbolic for people who share love for the sea. By choosing a marine-themed ring for your partner, you're not only giving expressions for your shared values, but also emphasizing the unbending love between the two of you.