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      Compass Rings for Men's and Women's

      Over the years, the compass has come to symbolize different things to different people. While it's naturally associated with all adventurers, free spirits and travelers, it also serves as an excellent gift item to loved ones.

      This article takes a brief look at the symbolism of the compass and it's use for jewelry.

      Compass Ring: A Brief History

      For us to understand the reason while the compass has become popular among ring lovers, we've to briefly highlight the history of the device.  

      The Compass was invented in ancient china where it was used by travelers and explorers for navigation. Over time, similar devices were created in the middle east, medieval Europe and elsewhere. 

      The commonest type of compass is the magnetic compass which can be used to get direction relative to the earth`s magnetic field.    

      Even today with all our technological feats, compass are still in vogue as affordable navigation instruments.

      Compass Symbolism

      One property of the magnetic compass that makes it useful for navigation is its ability to always point north. So, you can never get lost if you really know how to operate it.  As a matter of fact, the compass holds a deeper meaning more than its use for getting direction. 

      Here are a few meanings that the compass connotes 

      Orientation: A compass gives you a sense of the direction you're facing at any time, be it East, West, North or South. This means that the compass symbolizes orientation or direction. Even today Muslims use the compass to find the correct direction of Mecca. 

      Guidance: The compass provides guidance for adventurers and travelers as they know it's highly accurate in giving the correct direction on unfamiliar roads. In this context, the device is akin to the North Star, which is widely regarded as the ultimate symbol of guidance.

      Safety and Protection: The compass offers guidance through troubled waters. As a result, it's often seen as a symbol of safety and protection for the vulnerable in unfamiliar territories.

      Travel: Throughout history, the compass has been synonymous with travel or adventure. 

      The word "compass" is derived from the Latin words "com" which means together and "passus" meaning pace or step. Therefore, compass means to travel together or to step together. This is the reason why it has become a symbol for travelers across the world.

      Luck: It's natural for people to associate the compass with luck. It's an instrument that can bring luck and hope to the lost, leading them in the right path.

      Also, it depicts inspiration and motivation, since the compass can spur you to take the right area. In history, going north has always symbolized advancement and progress, while going south means something going wrong.

      While the compass is linked to certain religions, the device retains it's universal symbolism of direction.

      Compass Rings

      Given its appeal and symbolism, it's not surprising that the compass ring is a well-loved among sailors. And it's fashionable as a ring on the fingers of jewelry lovers.

      When it comes to construction, the compass ring's designs range from simple to cute, ornate, and dainty. 

      People from all walks of life find it easy to select compass rings that befit their styles. Whether you want symbolic ring, fashion rings, or collectibles, wearing this symbol is quite meaningful and unique.

      When to gift compass ring

      Compass ring is a perfect gift for different occasions, given its versatility as a symbol of direction and orientation. Here are a few ideas of when to buy a compass ring for your loved ones.

      • Graduation gift: The compass ring can be bought for your loved one as a graduation gift. It signifies moving in the right direction towards fulfilling one's life ambitions.
      • Anniversary gift: You can also purchase a compass ring for your partner to serve as an anniversary gift. It suggests that you hold the person as the "compass" of your life.
      • Wedding gift: A compass ring is also an ideal wedding gift from one partner to the other. It signifies starting of a new chapter in life and heading in the same direction.
      • Valentine's Day Gift: You can also buy a compass ring for your lover to mark the next Valentine's Day anniversary as a symbol of your undying love for the person. It also means you see the person as a compass to guide you through life.

      Stainless Steel Compass Ring

      Stainless steel compass ring is a durable ring made of steel for different categories of jewelry lovers. The ring design is extraordinary with hollow spaces in-between the cardinal points showing directions.


      One other great thing about the steel compass ring is that it doesn't corrode easily and you're assured of getting good value for money.

      Any gift of compass ring to yourself or your loved one is special and is to be treasured forever.

      Compass Silver ring

      The latest addition to our collection of compass rings is the silver type. It comes in different sizes that fit different categories of users.

      The back of the compass silver ring features a bright aesthetics that makes it a classy product. These rings are ideal for men and women who don't joke with their fashion styles.

      As we have seen, the compass ring remains a truly historic and beautiful symbol that holds great significance and meanings for different reasons. 

      Compass Ring Maintenance Tips

      Your compass ring is definitely one of your prized possessions which you won't want to lose for anything. At least, it serves as a reminder of a memorable occasion which you'll cherish forever. 

      Therefore, the mix of the monetary value and sentimental value make it truly valuable and certainly worth protecting.

       Knowing how to care for your compass ring will help ensure its longevity and brilliance whenever you wore it. However, caring for your ring isn't rocket science. All you have to do is to consult expert jewelers who are more knowledgeable than you about the subject.

      Follow the useful tips below to keep your ring both durable and brilliant. 

      Clean your ring regularly: Dirt, dust, oil, and residue can lodge into your ring after continuous use. If you don't have it cleaned regularly, your gem may end up looking full rather than shinning. 

      However, proper cleaning of rings isn't as easy as some people believe. To keep your ring always shinning, you should contact your jeweler to help you clean it at least four times in a year. Most jewelers will not charge you a dim for this service, so far you're a loyal customer

      You can as well clean the compass ring at home by following the simple steps outlined below:

      Step 1: Fill a bowl with clean water and add a soapy detergent. Stir the mixture with a spoon to generate foams. 

      Note: Never use a chlorine-based detergent for this exercise.

      Step 2: Place your compass ring in that soapy detergent for about 15 minutes to remove grim and oil particles.

      Step 3: Remove the ring from the soapy water and clean it gently with a soft brush.

      Step 4: Put the ring back into the soapy water and continue brushing gently to remove any loosened dirt.

      Step 5: Rinse the compass ring with clean water to remove the detergent.

      Step 6: Use a hair dryer or lint-free cloth to dry out the gem and return it back to the storage area. 

      Don't forget to avoid abrasive chemicals such as bleach when cleaning your compass ring. Else, the anti-corrosion paint on the metal would soon wear off and it'll only be a matter of time before corrosion starts.

      If you don't wear your compass ring everyday, make sure you keep it in a safe place. For this, choose a fabric-based jewelry box that has dividers in it. Dividers will help prevent the ring from rubbing against other gems in your collection.

      Here are a few more tips to help you maintain your compass ring.

      Never use a toothpaste to clean your compass ring

      While stainless steel compass ring sits above toothpaste on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it's still advisable for you to use a suitable jewelry cleaner to clean your gem at any time. If care isn't taken, your compass ring may get abrasions if toothpastes are used to clean them.

      Insure your ring

      Your compass ring's value is irreplaceable. In case of a loss or damage to the gem, you're bound to feel sad. But you're eligible for a full financial compensation if you have insured it beforehand.

      Have your ring valued by an insurance agent today. Afterwards, have it insured for its full value. This will protect your investment in case of unforeseen circumstances.

      Consult a licensed jeweler

      The best way to get your compass ring cleaned is to hire a licensed jeweler to do the job. If you cannot get a competent jeweler close to your house, an alternative solution is to make use of soap and lukewarm water to clean the piece.  While pouring the water on it, gently brush off dirt on the ring with a toothbrush.


      To find the right direction, you need a compass, be it a person, device, guidepost, or ring. Keep in mind the symbolism of each direction of the compass as you travel: west signifies introspection; east connotes new beginnings; north depicts home and wisdom; while south represent the seas are troubled and the roads are dark. Know what you set out to achieve and never give up. 

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