5 facts about coral reefs! you didn’t know!

The five wonderful facts about reef you need to know:

  1. Identity.
  2. Location.
  3. Ecosystem role.
  4. Human's surival.
  5. Weather protection.

1. Identity:  Are coral reef plants or animals?

Believe it or not, but the coral reefs are actually some invertebrates animals belonging to a large group of colorful and fascinating family called Cnidaria. This species is a carnivore who primary eat small preys like small fishes, zooplankton and other crustaceans. Even if they don't move to hunt, they have enough control over their large territory to feed themselves. Find out how much space they occupy...
If you want to learn the full biography of the coral reef, click here


2. Location:  where are coral reefs found ?

They are most likely found within tropical and subtropical waters all around the world. It doesn't seem like a lot but actually, they make up for a fraction of the ocean.: Less than 1% and they provide a home to around 25% of all the world’s marine life. Now that's huge ! But not only do they provide home, they also.....


5. Ecosystem role: why are coral reefs important to marine life?

Coral reefs provide food for a variety of fish. More than 4,000 different species of fish rely on coral reefs for eating ! We can say, coral are very important for sea life. But not just for sea life...

4. Human's survival: why coral reefs are important to human?

Like you've seen above, they provide food for fish to live. Therefor, they provide to feed half a billion of human. It’s estimated that almost 500 million people in the world consume the fish found on coral reefs every day ! Adding to protect a massive number of humans for starving, they also protect them against...


5. Weather protection: How do coral reefs protect humans ?

The corals form barriers to protect the coastline from waves and storms and floods. This helps us to prevent loss of life, erosion and dangerous property damage.

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Our last word...

The corals reefs provide to help so many lives every day without us even knowing it. Not only for human's, but also for the sea world to occupy most of our ocean. They are really some fascinating animals !

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