The symbol of the anchor in jewelry: its meaning for choose the best Gift

The anchor is a symbol strictly linked to the marine world, worn as a tattoo or jewel by many sailors and mariner.

In reality, the anchor has deeper meanings than those immediately identifiable and related to the sea.

In the course of time, many men and women began to wear jewelry with anchor-shaped pendants, even if they did not belong to the sea world.

Is it just a fashion or does wearing this symbol communicate something special?

Let's discover together the hidden meanings of the anchor: ancient or more recent, they are always accompanied by fascinating legends.

Knowing the stories related to this symbol can lead us to the perfect intuition to choose a gift for an important person: jewelry decorated with the anchor and nautical symbols are highly appreciated by many men.

But not only: for women too, the anchor becomes the perfect pendant for a fun yet classy piece of jewelry.

Opportunities to offer Anchor Jewelry

The marine anchor, symbol of a deep bond

A strong, deep, resistant and invincible bond: this is one of the most beautiful and profound meanings that this symbol carries with it.

This object is born with the original function of tying the boat to the seabed, in order to give it the necessary stability and make it safe for whoever is on board. In the course of time, the anchor has naturally become the perfect representative of strong, safe and important bonds.

That's why offering a jewel decorated with an anchor is an important gesture, to dedicate to the beloved man, to a brother, to dad. The perfect jewel for a man who represents a solid point in your life is the Anchor Bracelet or the Anchor Ring.

Anchor Bracelet [MADE IN SEA]

The bracelets of the Collection are the perfect gift for every need:
they adapt to any wrist size, thanks to the customizable part that allows you to add or remove each Link.
In this way, you won't have to worry about knowing perfectly the size of the person who will receive it!
In addition to the anchor, among the bracelets of the collection you will find many accessories decorated with other marine symbols: discover them all!

The symbol of the anchor as hope

Initially linked to salvation and stability, the sea anchor has also been used over time as a symbol to represent broader messages and meanings.

In the Christian tradition, for example, this object soon began to represent hope for the future: the anchor as a symbol of a happy and luminous life.

A meaning to offer to an important person in our life, to wish the best on an important occasion. Choose an anchor jewel for a special man or woman you want to wish a life full of adventure: the bracelet or the necklace with the marine anchor pendant.

Telling the story of love by sharing the anchor symbol

Stability, life, bonds: with time, the anchor would inevitably become a symbol of love. This object often takes on the meaning of fidelity in its representations: the anchor is solidly anchored to the seabed and gives the boat the stability it needs. The same stability that two people who love each other rediscover in their loved ones.

Often, couples in love choose to tattoo the anchor as a symbol of eternal love. Or to wear jewelry decorated with this deeply meaningful marine symbol.

For him and for her, stainless steel or silver? Choose the metal with which to share your love and always carry its symbol with you.

The anchor as a symbol of eternal love is transformed into class jewelry completely dedicated to her.

Anchor Earrings for Women's

The delicate anchor earrings transform the marine symbol into a chic accessory to display on any occasion: all you have to do is choose for your loved one among blue stones like the sea, or classic shiny zircons.

The anchor becomes the perfect pendant also for the necklace to be worn on any occasion of everyday life: the Anchor necklace is decorated with a small shiny anchor and grey jade stones and it is available both in silver and in pink gold finish.

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