Black Anchor Bracelet

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  • Black Anchor Bracelet

    Black Anchor Bracelet symbolically, the anchor is a reminder to ground yourself and channel the power of your roots, helping you to be firm in your convictions and steady in times of uncertainty. 

    It is a reminder to be fearless in the face of failure, to be tenacious and intense in pursuing success, and to have the strength to weather the storms. The anchor also stands for a sense of belonging, of nurturing family and community. It is a constant reminder to be aware of the present and the past and to stay true to the traditions of the past.

    This stylish bracelet is a sign of strength, courage and security. The anchor symbol is a token of hope and guidance. Whether you believe in anything, this is a symbol that instils positive thinking and can help with feelings of anxiety, stress and insecurity.


    • Stainless Steel Bracelet
    • Will not blacken, will not rust
    • Pleasant feeling on your skin
    • Careful and precise details
    • length: 80cm