Compass Anchor Ring (Silver)

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  • Men`s Marine Compass Anchor Nautical Ship Helm Wheel 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Ring

    This beautifully handmade Compass Silver Anchor Ring is forged with pure 925 sterling silver. This ring comes in different shapes and sizes. It weighs about 8.5-9.2 grams, depending on the size of the ring acquired.

    As the name given to this ring, many people believe that the Compass would help offer a sense of direction. There’s a popular belief that the Compass Anchor Ring could also provide relevant geographical orientations.

    This ring has a befitting look on the hand, and it is worthy of adding to your collection of jewelry accessories. This ring doesn’t just complement the outfits alone but also provide the bearer with useful navigational information when needed. It fits perfectly as a gift for loved ones. It also fits a wide range of outfits, making it a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    Unbreakable and Durable rings

    • Made of the highest Quality 925 Sterling Silver
    • Lifetime Warranty.
    • Will not rust or discolor

    Size Tips" for the 925 Sterling Silver Anchor Ring

    🡺 The most commonly purchased men's ring size is size 9.

    🡺 The most commonly purchased women's ring size is size 7.

    To know more about the size guide click here