Compass Ring Womens

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  • Compass Ring Womens

    A Compass Ring for Women is a fantastic charm to have with you on your journey through life. This ring is appropriate for all occasions.

    Our women's compass signet ring represents the direction and the capacity to guide you in the right route. The compass symbol  in the Ring represents unlimited possibility, as well as the present, past, and future. You can offer this ring to someone who appreciates traveling on holidays and experiencing new things because it symbolizes navigating your way through life.

    The compass is seen as a lucky symbol, especially for travelers. Wearing one on your person is a symbol of trust that you will always find your way back to your life path if you become lost. If you prefer a more subtle style, you can wear the ring. Because of its perfectly scaled design, the symbol looks great on any finger, no matter how big or small it is.


    Metals Type: STAINLESS STEEL

    Material: Metal

    Surface Width: 2mm

    Item Type: Rings

    Color: Steel Color