Embossed Anchor Necklace

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  • Embossed Anchor Necklace

    The Embossed Anchor Necklace is a symbol of hope and safety. This treasured symbol has become a staple in our everyday life. Wherever one may roam, this will always be there to protect, guide and inspire. Wear your Anchor Necklace with pride. Worn by mermaids, pirates and sailors alike this beautiful necklace is a must for your collection. 

    Embossed Anchor Necklace have nautical style with high quality life preserver pendant is hand-finished with real stainless steel and features a rope detail. Makes a great gift for any seafaring friend or loved one.


    • Stainless Steel Pendant
    • Does not turn black, does not rust
    • No form of discomfort on your skin
    • Careful and precise details
    • Pendant Size: 36.3mm*24.5mm
    • weight: 6.7g

    Just like a good brewer would let the wine in a bottle speak for itself, good jewelry isn't all about embellishments and expensive metals. This anchor necklace attests to that. The product is made of the highest-quality steel alloy that a jewelry could possibly contain. 

    The stainless steel material is lustrous, nickel-free, and comfortable to wear for allergy sufferers. This elegant pendant is emblematic of the vintage designs associated with sailors and navigators. It belongs to the top range in our collection of priceless jewelry.

    If you're looking for a quality Anchor necklace to match your open-neck shirts, the True Sailor model is a good option. It's a minimal jewelry that catches attention every time, thanks to its vintage engraving.