Nautical Compass Necklace

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  • Nautical Compass Necklace

    A perfect combination of elegance and durability, the Nautical Compass Necklace will be a great addition to your outfit. This piece of jewelry from nautical will surely gain compliments from everyone around you. The necklace is made from stainless steel, preventing it from getting rusted or corroded over time.

    This necklace is very suitable for evening parties where you'd rather not display too much of your skin. It is a great choice for an everyday necklace if you aren't that much into flashy accessories. The compass necklace from nautical will certainly appeal to those who seek a more subtle look in their accessories. It is also a much safer choice for those who have sensitive skin, as it won't cause you any skin irritations.


    • Material : Solid 925 Sterling Silver
    • Pendant Weighs approximately 8 grams
    • you can extend the life of your silver ring by avoiding soap, deodorant, sweat and water.

    Care and Cleaning If silver is not used carefully, tarnishing occurs. This spoils the aesthetic appearance of silver.

    What to avoid while using silver can be listed as follows:

    • First of all, you need to keep your silverware away from chemical products such as soap, bleach, detergent.
    • You should be careful not to get personal care products such as perfume, spray, deodorant on your jewelry.
    • You should be careful that the silver does not come into contact with sweat.
    • When storing your jewelry, you should prefer closed boxes that do not see sunlight.

    If you pay attention to all these processes, your jewelry will be able to maintain its aesthetic appearance on the first day.


    The Necklace that you can make your loved ones happy with its designs on special days such as Birthdays, Anniversary and Valentine's Day.


    • Wiping with a soft cloth while removing silver jewelry is effective in preventing tarnishing.
    • In the place where silver is found, rubber products should be kept away.
    • Olives, eggs, vinegar and fruit juices are substances that should be kept away from silver.

    How do we prevent silver from tarnishing?

    The recommended process to prevent this darkening is as follows: A tablespoon of washing soda and a spoonful of table salt are added to one liter of water, the solution prepared in an enameled bowl is brought to boiling temperature. An aluminum plate is placed at the bottom of the container, and then silver accessories and items are placed on it, taking care to keep all parts of it in solution. Boil for three minutes. Then the silvers are rinsed in hot water. Silvers become clean and shiny.


    Chemical Products: Many products containing chemicals, especially sulfate-based products, cause the silver material to darken very early. Sulfate, on the other hand, is considered as a preservative and in most cases a dangerous product, which is included in many cosmetic products. This substance, which is found in products such as soap and shampoo, causes a negative result as a result of direct contact with silver. In addition, products such as perfume and deodorant are risky products for silver.

    Air Pollution: The issue of clean air is now a subject that has come to be examined under the title of “according to what, according to whom”. In cities with a heterogeneous structure, it is almost impossible to argue that the air we breathe is pure oxygen. These harmful elements in the air are large enough to damage silver. In crowded areas where it is very difficult to be in the same areas with many people in daily life and to be isolated, the substances that get into the air directly interact with silver and cause it to darken.

    Sweat: Sweat is a liquid with a high acidic value. If the acid ratio is high in pH-effective liquids, silver will be adversely affected by this situation.

    Moisture: Silver jewelry should be stored as a food when not in use. Humid environments cause serious damage to silver material. Humid and steamy rooms result in a rather bad effect. Silver should be stored in a dry, clean and ventilated area when not in use.

    There are many reasons why silver tarnishes. Silver, which is particularly affected by air bubbles, is also a harbinger of its delicate structure. Although it is recommended to use materials such as lemon, vinegar and baking soda to shine silver in the home environment, these can damage the silver even more. It would be a better choice to use products specially produced to shine silver.