Rudder Charm Necklace

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  • Rudder Charm Necklace

    Rudder Charm Necklace is a great gift for Sailors, Boats & Sea Lovers. If you have or have had a boat, you have felt the magic and romance of a boat, and if you love the water, a Rudder Charm Necklace will bring good fortune and protect you from injury.

    Add some strength to your physical stamina. The Rudder Charm Necklace is a simple, fashionable and useful way to complete your daily workouts. Crafted from a high-grade alloy, this Rudder Charm Necklace will stay in place so you can focus on your workout.

    Rudder Charm Necklace in Silver

    Come sail away with the Rudder Charm Necklace. This is the perfect accessory for any sailor who has ever sailed on a ship.

    Show the world how much you love the ocean and all the magical creatures that live in or around the waters.

    Sail away and adventure will find you. The Rudder Charm Necklace is designed to look like a steering wheel and will always be at the helm of your adventures. Let the adventure begin!

    • Tibetan silver Pendant
    • Does not turn black, does not rust
    • No form of discomfort on your skin
    • Careful and precise details
    • Size: 27x20mm
    • Net Weight: About 27G