Sailor Anchor Ring (Silver)

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  • Sailors (Silver Anchor Ring)

    Here is a distinct singlet ring for sailors to raise their fashion standards. This Silver Anchor Ring was crafted in refined metal with details showcasing a sculpted anchor and sea motif. The motif is wrapped elegantly in a coin-edged border to give significant meaning to the anchor ring.

    A glance at this beauty, and you can’t help but notice the anchor itself. The anchor comes as a solid rose gold with the rest of the ring being solid 925 sterling silver. These quality materials ensure that the jewelry never fades off, tarnish, turn green, or oxidize. That is, it is durable, and there is an assurance that it will last longer.

    Our Silver Anchor Ring has been built to ensure different kinds of wear and tear. Fear of allergic reactions? This is totally eliminated with this anchor ring. The handcrafting techniques and materials used make it amazingly hypoallergenic.

    For individuals looking for the best alternative to other expensive jewels, this is the right choice. It is not only cost-effective, but it also comes at a very good weight. You don’t have to wear a ring that weighs you down or causes discomfort. Here’s a ring that weighs approximately 12 grams; you’ll hardly feel a thing.

    The brilliant luster that comes with this thoughtfully-crafted piece of jewelry makes it a worthy addition to every wardrobe. It can also be given to loved ones as a gift; it’ll surely be appreciated. With unique styling and premium materials, this Silver Anchor Ring is a quality option for every buyer.

    The incredible part is that the silver anchor ring comes in an extensive range of sizes. Therefore, there’s a ring for everyone and every finger. Centuries ago, the anchor jewelry was a symbol for sailors that reflects their connection to the ocean; it’s time to reflect yours with our Silver Anchor Ring!

    Silver Anchor Ring Details

    • Material : Solid 925 Sterling Silver
    • Weighs approximately 12 grams

    Unbreakable and Durable rings

    • Made of the highest Quality 316L Stainless steel
    • Lifetime Warranty.
    • Will not rust or discolor

    Size Tips" for the Silver Anchor Ring

    🡺 The most commonly purchased men's ring size is size 9.

    🡺 The most commonly purchased women's ring size is size 7.

    To know more about the size guide click here

    This is a beautiful ring with a concise design. It's made of solid 925 Sterling Silver, which is nickel free, hypoallergenic, and highly scratch resistant. The ring is made with quality workmanship and boasts of a comfortably fit design. It's breathable, versatile and suitable for any outing, be it wedding or anniversary day celebration. At under $200, this is definitely one of the most affordable jewelry in our collection.

    Another good thing about this finger bling, apart from the comfortability, is the unique anchor shape. Anchor is an important symbol of sea transport. It gives hope to seafarers in trouble times and it may just be the perfect gift for your next anniversary celebration.

    In addition, the ring's solid silver material is less expensive than stainless steel or gold, while still not compromising on beauty and ability to withstand corrosion.