#1 : Blue whale

#2 : Right Whale

#3 Fin Whale

#4 : Bowhead Whale

#5 : Sperm Whale

#6 : Sperm Whale

#7 : Sei Whale

#8 : Gray Whale

#9 : Bryde's Whale

#10 : Whale Shark


The whales are the king !

Not only are they the largest species of the ocean world, they also have in their family the biggest animal of the world. Of course, we are talking about the wonderful blue whale. His size is just really incredible, you won't believe it until you see it. Just his peduncle itself is the third of is total length !

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Blue whale image source

Did you know what a whale's tail symbolizes?

For many cultures, a whale tail, or a fluke, symbolizes the good luck, the speed, the strength as well as the freedom. You can see a lot of people nowadays walking around with this personal talisman around their neck. It reminds them of their own strength, resilience and a nod to the mystery and depth of life.

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Here's a picture of Rachelle enjoying her new whale tail necklace !


Now that we know the biggest species of the whale family's, let's take a look at shark family's to see who is the winner 🤔

In modern day, the biggest shark on the list is the whale shark. That's right, he belongs to the whale's family but the shark's one. With his enormous 48 feet on average, the whale shark stays far in front of his closest competitor, the basking shark, who has an average length of 26 feet.

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 Whale shark image source


Between the whale shark and the Megalodon, who's the biggest?

If we had been in prehistorical days, obviously the Megalodon would've won. The average Megalodon was growing up to 67 feet long. He would've been more than 20 feet taller than the whale shark. But thankfully, this predator is now instinct and now the sweet whale shark leads with the first place. 


Is the Megalodon taller than the blue whale ?

No, the blue whale is taller, compared to the 67 feet long Megalodon, the blue whale is taller by his 79 feet long ! There's a 13 feet gap between these two that set the blue whale for the first place.

The blue whale is by far the biggest animal of the ocean but also, he is the biggest on earth as well !

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