5 interesting facts about the ocean you didn’t know!

Here are the fascinating information about the oceanic world :

1. How deep is the ocean ?

2. How much of the ocean has been explored ?

3. Why is the ocean salty ?

4. what is ocean acidification ?

5. Why is the ocean blue ?

1. How deep is the ocean ?

The deepest bottom ever record was measured at 10,935 meters (35,876 feet). It's a pretty scary place to be, don't you think? This record has actually been found from the scientists from NOAA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 2010. As well, the see symbolize of deeper thinking then you expected, alote of people categorize it as a life, fertility, and sustenance symbolism. Womens mostly wear wave ring to express theses symbol and to add beautiful look their style !


2. How much of the ocean has been explored ?

In 2023, on 5% of the ocean has been explored. Keep in minds that the oceans make up about 71% of the Earth's total surface, so 95 % of that large space hasn't been mapped or fully understood by now. Let's also mention, the first time humans explored the sea was back in 4500 BC time. Greek's and roman's culture started diving into the sea for food gathering, commerce, and possibly even for warfare. So just imagine how much there are more years yet to come for more discovery results to be founded ! Something else is a very common confusing facts for a few, such as, what is the reason for the salty taste of the ocean. Well actually the reason is...


3. Why is the ocean salty ?

The amount of ocean's salt essentially come from rocks on land and openings in the seafloor.

The exact reason for rock's salt donation is, the rainwater that falls on land is a little bit acidic, so it erodes the rocks. When this phenomenon happens, ions are then released and carried away to streams and rivers. After this road, they eventually finish by feeding into the ocean.

The other source of salt in the sea is the hydrothermal fluids, coming from vents in the seafloor. This happens when the ocean water seeps into a crack in the seafloor and heats because of the contact with magma that comes from the Earth’s core. This high temperature will causes a series of chemical reactions. The water will then tend to lose oxygen, magnesium, and sulfates, and will only pick up metals such as the iron, zinc, and copper from surrounding rocks.

The heated water will then be released through the vents in the seafloor. So basically, this source of salt comes from underwater volcanic eruptions, which leaves all the minerals go in the ocean.


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4. What is the ocean acidification ?

In scientific terms, this is when a reduction in the pH level of the ocean occurs over an extended period of time. It is primarily caused by an uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

The acidification then change the properties of ocean's water, and that, can be really harmful for plants and animals. The “Osteoporosis of the sea” can create conditions that will, eventually, eat away at the minerals used to build shells and skeletons. This affect oysters, clams, lobsters, shrimp, coral reefs, and other marine life, as well as humans. There's another thing that environment can cause to the sea, this is...


5. Why is the ocean blue ?

The light is the actual cause for his coloration. The water absorbs colors in the red part of the light, this leaves behind the blue part colors of the light spectrum for us to see. It can also take on green, red, or other hues as light bounces off of some floating sediments and particles in the water. So has you guested it, at night the ocean is actually colorless. 


To conclude, the ocean is a vast territory that is still not fully discover yet. This is why having more interesting information about it can be really fascinating and good for our overall general culture !

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