Here are the 5 most intelligent species of our ocean : 

1. Dolphins

2. Octopuses

3. Orcas

4. Sea Otters

5. Penguins

1. Dolphins


These mammals really differentiates themselves from the other for their high learning capacity. The reason of that is, they have a brain 3.5 times bigger than human brains. Formed with spindle neurons, they specialized the brain cells to link recognition, memory, reasoning, communication, and more advanced abilities.

Dolphins can do complex tasks such as problem-solving and socializing, but, they still can’t use tools, do problem-solving, or make structured discussions. They also have an IQ level of 45, this makes them not only the smartest animal of the sea, but the most intelligent animal on earth ! We often see women relating to this animal for their smartness and their capacity to understand the emotion and better empathize. So some jewelry like dolphin necklace or dolphin ring can be worn as a symbol of this signification.


2. Octopus 


Octopi are big-brained with a vast nervous system. They almost have as many neurons as those found in dogs. One of their most impressive uses of their brain systems is when they use their emotional expression to change their skin Color and texture. You’ve probably seen an octopus change to the same color as their environment when they are in danger. If not, check this out! They have gesture control like us, for example you can make eyes contact with them and to have more connection with you, they can reach out tentacles and touch your hand. 


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Their brain can also process having eyes contact with human. They can check out and analyze an object that someone has given to them as well. They have gesture control just like us, for example you can make stare them in the eyes and if they want to create more connection with you, they can reach out tentacles and touch your hand. This might look easy and simple to us, but this is actually many years of evolution and adaptation ! 

3. Orcas


One form of their intelligence is their communication dialects, such as performing spy hopping and lob tailing to show different forms of body language. Spy hopping is when orcas look around their surroundings by slightly holding their heads above water while lob tailing, that involves them to use their fins to thrash their tails in the water. This gesture will help orcas to grab the attention of the other whales around or warn them of possible dangers.

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4. Sea otter


This animal is really climbing up the lather with is impressive smartness. What makes them special and separate them for the rest of this list is their ability to use tools. For example, to open calm, many otters had been seen while smashing them with rocks to open them and eat. No only that, countless video has captures otter using their hands for activity or feeding themselves, like; playing basket ball or using vending machines for sweets. Just take a look for yourself. It is just amazing to witness such an evolution. The next species will also shock you by their impressive way…

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5. Penguin


These birds are part of the Corvids family (basically, bird group that are more complex and have a bigger brain size than the rest). Taking this in consideration, these birds have incredible brain skill because of that. For example; they can block unwanted noise if they don't feel interested.

For the male king, they can recognize a call from a group member, even if it's noisy. If they are far away from the group, they can easily find their way to join them trough lakes and hills.

It's safe to say, they have a very logic and recognizing bring, they are also capable of solving complex problem ! On top of that, they are very cute animals 🤗.

To conclude, it is pretty shocking to see how much these animals evolves with time and become smarter just to adapt to their environment. These were the top 5 smartest sea animal !

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